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                           Founded & Managed by Jonathan A. Truhlar

                                      With over 20 years of personal protection and firearms experience, I am committed to bringing you 

                                      both time-tested training and cutting-edge gear to assist in the development of your personal

                                      protection plan. Our courses are presented in a low-stress environment with a focus on the individual

                                      needs of each participant.


                                      I believe that the defense of ourselves and our families is a

                                      personal responsibility and it is my purpose to incorporate

                                      the best training available into our courses that enable us to

                                      fulfill this responsibility should the need arise.



Early on, our philosophy was one of maintaining peace with our neighbors and

making this journey through life without violent confrontation. However, as the

international society has evolved over the last three decades, we are faced with

increasing potential and actual threats to our safety and our liberty.













Today, we maintain the philosophy of peace with our neighbors and incorporate

into it a philosophy of attack that meets those who would perpetrate violence

on us with aggressive and decisive tactics in order to overwhelm and see to the

absolute defeat of this opponent.


                                                                                            We believe these philosophies are congruent as they are                                                                                                        inherently necessary to each other. As our Founding Fathers

                                                                                            knew all too well, we do not remain free by the mere request

                                                                                            to be. We remain free by our willingness to defeat all

                                                                                            opposition to our safety and our liberty. Ultimately, this is what

                                                                                            we train for_

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Protection is something that we all value and want as members of society. There are many different ways to protect yourself against any dangers you may face. Many believe that our first line of defense should be our law enforcement system. They have been set in place to provide security for our communities. For those who rely solely on law enforcement, it may be due to an exaggerated fear of firearms called Hoplophobia.


Symptoms of Hoplophobia:

  • Sweating

  • Faintness

  • Discomfort

  • Rapid pulse

  • Nausea

  • Sleeplessness

  • Panic attack


Common Facts About Hoplophobia

Hoplophobia stems from the Greek term, “hoplites,” which means weapon. People who suffer from this fear are afraid not only to be around firearms, but of the actual damage they can cause. They are perceived as extremely destructive and can harm lives. A firearms instructor, Colonel Jeff Cooper, coined the phrase in the early 1960s to describe the actual suffering with this phobia. Specifically, Colonel Cooper described this phobia as a “mental disturbance characterized by irrational aversion to weapons.” Cooper stated that people who suffer from the fear of firearms stems from the manifestation that the weapons have a will of their own, apart from the user.

Hoplophobia has sometimes been unfairly used to describe gun control advocates. This of course, is an extreme statement and politically-based. Hoplophobia is an actual phobia that plagues many people in society who have no ties to political issues and simply fear weapons and the danger they can cause. This fear not only involves being afraid of firearms, but weapons in general. This would include knives, guns and anything that has the potential to cause bodily harm. There are many triggers to this phobia, mainly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Whatever the reason for this phobia, there is help.

Treatment of Hoplophobia

The first step in overcoming Hoplophobia is to speak with your doctor for referral to a mental health specialist. This specialist will be able to provide support and determine the best method to help you recover and regain control of your life. Some common treatment options include hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and energy psychology. Therapies using pictures of firearms to help desensitize the patient is typically a first step to conquer the phobia gradually. Medications can also be administered to help a patient over come phobia during therapy sessions. Whichever treatment option you choose, know that you are on your way to living a healthy, normal life!

Source: http://www.allaboutcounseling.com/library/hoplophobia/



DEFCON is short for Defensive Readiness Condition. It is a scale used to describe the level of alertness of our nation's defense forces.


The 5 typical levels are:


DEFCON 5 - Normal peacetime readiness. This is the general level during times of peace.


DEFCON 4 - Increased intelligence-gathering and security measures. This level has historically been invoked

                     sporadically throughout Cold War, as well as in the War on Terror.


DEFCON 3 - Armed forces readiness increased above normal levels; Air Force ready to mobilize in 15 minutes. This level

                     has historically been invoked during Post-9/11 Attacks (2001), Yom Kippur War (1973), Operation Paul

                     Bunyan (1976), & Post-Four Power Talks (1960).


DEFCON 2 - High readiness; Armed forces ready to deploy in six hours. This level has historically been invoked during the

                     Cuban Missile Crisis (1962).


DEFCON 1 - Maximum readiness; All forces ready for combat; Nuclear war imminent or likely. There is no historical

                     precedent for this level_



*NORAD/CONRAD Historical Summary (Unclassified)


Click the image to see the CURRENT DEFCON status for the U.S.

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