$30 transfers / multiple transfer just $10 additional

Firearm transfers made hassle-free!

We have a 2-step process for ensuring a safe, legal, & hassle-free firearm transfer experience:

1) NOTIFY us via EMAIL that you have purchased a firearm online and include a photocopy of your Driver's License AND Firearm Owner's Identification Card (FOID). We will send the seller our FFL if we are not already on-file with them. This notification also serves as the time frame for the transfer process. We will notify you of the Verification status updates as we receive them from the Illinois State Police and let you know once you are "Approved". If there are any delays, we will also keep you informed.

2) We will notify you as soon as the firearm arrives and arrange a time for you to stop in and make the transfer.

When you come in, you will complete a standardized form (Form 4473). Inspect the firearm to ensure it is what you ordered. Pay the transfer fee (cash or CC) and you're on your way!



  • We will not transfer a firearm to you if you are not the ACTUAL buyer of the firearm.

  • We will not transfer the following firearms:

    • Bryco - all models, all calibers​.

    • Butler - all derringers.

    • Chiappa - 1873-22, 1911-22.

    • Clerke - all revolvers.

    • Cobra - standard, big bore, long bore derringers; all models, all calibers. Denali Automatic, all models, all calibers. CA semiauto, all models, all calibers. FS semiauto, all models, all calibers.

    • Colt - Frontier Scout with serial number suffix "K" or "P", Lord Derringer, Lady Derringer.

    • EAA - Windicator .38 revolvers, all models.

    • ERMA - EP-22, LA-22, ET-22.

    • FIE - GT25, Cowboy .22LR, E15, Titan 25, Titan Tiger, Arminius HW5, HW38, all derringers.

    • GSG - Firefly, GSG-1911 (all .22LR models), GSG 5-P, GSG 5-PK, GSG 522P, GSG 522 PK.

    • Heritage - Rough Rider .22 "Alloy" frame models.

    • Hi-Point - all models, all calibers.

    • Jennings - all models, all calibers.

    • Jimenez - all models, all calibers.

    • Lorcin - all models, all calibers.

    • Phoenix Arms - HP22/HP25.

    • Raven Arms - P25, MP25.

    • Reck - all models (includes private labels: LA Fury, Chicago Cub, P8).

    • Rohm/RG - all revolvers except .357 mag, .44 mag, .45 Colt, all automatic pistols.

    • SIG Sauer - Mosquito .22LR

    • Smith & Wesson - SW 380 Sigma, SW9M Sigma.