North American Rescue’s Deluxe Field Corpsman Kit is a lightweight, durable, portable diagnostic set which includes a Heine Mini 3000 Ophthalmoscope (with batteries). The kit offers corpsmen excellence & flexibility as they care for the eyes & ears of the troops they escort into battle. The fine array of tools in this comprehensive kit includes a wide selection of high intensity lights & magnifiers for enhancing both day and night examinations. Exclusive to this deluxe kit is a Heine Mini 3000 Ophthalmoscope (with batteries).

Deluxe Field Corpsman Kit

SKU: 20-0002
  • Heine Mini 3000 Ophthalmoscope (batteries included)

    Xenon general examination light (guaranteed unbreakable)

    Red night-use lens for the exam light

    Fiber-optic light bender/nasal head

    Soft mesh pouch (with padded sides and durable zipper) designed to secure exam lights and accessories

    Instruction booklet