This is the course is designed specifically for anyone that would like to learn the necessary life-saving strategies to survive the lethal-force encounter. We feel that this knowledge is critical for everyone, but especially the Concealed Carry License holder. This course covers in detail, the first-aid treatment of massive hemorrhage (from gun shot wounds, knife-inflicted wounds, etc) and the hierarchy of life-saving actions for wounds to every vital region of the human body. This course is 3 hours in duration and consists of lecture and hands-on activities related to each emergency trauma strategy presented. This course is presented in a low-stress environment to improve learning opportunities for each participant.


Course fee includes instruction, class notes, and discounts on emergency trauma gear presented in the classroom.


Previous first aid training IS NOT required! Each strategy will be presented from the fundamental to the advance aspects.


​Instructors are licensed by the Illinois State Medical Licensing Board.​


Due to the nature of this course, there WILL be graphic topics and visual aids as necessary to accomplish the proper learning (barf-bags are provided).​


This course is open to everyone ages 12+.


Parents, please be mindful of your child's personality/sensitivity PRIOR to enrolling your child​.


This course requires a minimum class size, please contact us for more info!

Emergency Trauma Care - 3 hour