Definitely not your run-of-the-mill "this is how I shoot a gun" course! We strive to bring you collegiate-level training with proven skills and tactics. Whether you are an experienced shooter, or even if you've never held a handgun before, this course is designed for you! You will learn firearm handling techniques that are specific to your body mechanics in order to improve your current firearm-handling skills, or simply to gain confidence in your ability to safely handle a firearm and to employ effective, defensive shooting should the need arise. This course is presented in an almost stress-free environment to improve learning opportunities. Course fee includes class notes, & range fee. If you do not have a concealable handgun to bring to our class, there is no need to worry! As part of your training, you will have the complimentary use of an appropriately sized Glock 9mm (or .380 Auto) handgun to train and qualify with at the range. 


*** If you have ANY questions about credit or requirments, just ask us! ***


This course will cover the Statute required topics of:

~ All applicable State and Federal laws relating to the ownership,

   storage, carry, and transportation of a firearm

~ Firearm Safety & Basic Principles of Marksmanship

~ Cleaning, Loading, & Unloading of a Concealable Firearm

~ Weapon Handling

~ Written Exam & Live-Fire Qualification


Illinois Concealed Carry License Course - 16 hour