The NAR BP/Stethoscope Combo Kit is an ultra-compact, multi-pocketed unit including a stethoscope and set of 4 blood pressure cuffs which are instantly accessible and easily stored in most trauma kits. This combo kit features a Stethoscope from ADC with extra large bell and ultra-sensitive diaphragm coupled with a set of four rugged nylon cuffs. The cuff set features adult, large adult, child and infant size blood-pressure cuffs and one-tube bladder with quick-release luer slip-connector, as well as an ambidextrous palm gauge with high impact casing and trigger valve.

NAR BP/Stethoscope Combo Kit

SKU: 20-0057
  • (Cuffs) Set of 4 (adult, large adult, child, infant)

    (Cuffs) One-tube bladder with quick-release luer slip-connector

    (Cuffs) Ambidextrous palm gauge with high-impact casing and trigger valve

    (Stethoscope) Extra-large bell

    (Stethoscope) Ultra-sensitive diaphragm